Roger Field


In a varied 25 year legal career Roger has been the Legal Director of Random House [books] and IPC Media [magazines] a well as the in-house lawyer at TV-am and The Daily Telegraph.  As a purchaser of legal services he knows what publishing clients are looking for in their lawyers.  Highlights include starting off the Da Vinci Code litigation [a famous victory] and winning a copyright action so comprehensively against Rupert Allason [ex-MP] that he had the option to have him sent to prison.  Against that he suffered the second highest libel loss ever [his insurer, with his hands around Roger’s throat, said he would never forgive him for coming ‘second’ by £15,000 ‘measley’ pounds].

Roger’s experience is at the brutal and deeply commercial end of publishing law.  Not so much ‘what is the law?’ – although it is vital to know – but ‘what is the commercial impact of the law?’

Roger advises major publishers at NML.