What do our past students say?



Taryn Ng 

Taryn  completed the Media Law and Business Affairs course in 2015 whilst studying the LLB at University of Edinburgh. She is now undertaking a post-graduate Masters in Chinese Law at the University of Hong Kong.

The Media Law and Business Affairs course was a fantastic precursor to the intellectual property course in my final year of my law degree at the the University of Edinburgh. The area of the course that I enjoyed most was the practical awareness given by the lecturers - knowledge that is not necessarily taught at university.  The internship was also a rewarding experience; I had a great time working with everybody at the firm and it helped solidify my desire to work in the legal sector. I would highly recommend the course to any university student who has an interest in media law or intellectual property.

Abbe Liew, Media Law and Business Affairs 2016

Abbe Liew, Media Law and Business Affairs 2016

Abbe Liew

Abbe is currently a third year LLB law student at the University of Surrey and completed the Media Law and Business Affairs course in June 2016.

The  Media Law & Business Affairs summer course provided me with a great insight into the legal profession. The lectures run by experienced lawyers were extremely helpful in the sense that it gives you a very clear picture of how the legal field functions in the business world. It was interesting to hear directly from solicitors, barristers and trainees about their experiences and the work they do. The one-week internship as part of the course was extremely beneficial and advantageous, it enhanced my CV and helped with my other internships thereafter. During the internship, I had the opportunity to work with different lawyers and this gave me a ‘feel’ of what it was like to work in a law firm, in central London. The experience gave me a chance to confirm my own aspiration to become a lawyer one day. I have never learned so much in a week!

Thank You to the Media Law & Business Affairs team for providing students and professionals with such a great programme, especially in such a challenging field, to learn about the practicalities of law that we will never find in textbooks! 

Jak Bowtell, Media Law and Business Affairs 2015

Jak Bowtell, Media Law and Business Affairs 2015

Jak Bowtell

Jak studies undergraduate Law with French law and Language at the University of East Anglia and completed the Media Law and Business Affairs course during his summer vacation in 2015.

I just want to extend my thanks to  everyone at New Media Law LLP for providing a really enjoyable series of lectures on the diploma course. I especially enjoyed the genuine usefulness of the group sessions you arranged as it really helped the knowledge to stick.
I feel like I have been given a really solid grounding in the field of media law and I will definitely take the final year modules at university in media and entertainment law.


Theodora Okocha, Media Law and Business Affairs 2016

Theodora Okocha, Media Law and Business Affairs 2016

Theodora Okocha

Theodora is a second year law student at University of Southampton.

I participated in the New Media Law Diploma in June and it was truly a highlight of my summer. I aspire to practise media law once I qualify so the diploma was the best way that I could get some in depth experience in the field. I felt very lucky to be taught by some of the top figures in the industry and to receive such a vast range of perspectives. All of the course providers are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and they were friendly and easy to talk to. 

One of my third year law modules is Intellectual Property Law and the material we covered in the Diploma definitely gave me a head start in this particular module. We covered a range of topics and industries in depth but it never felt overwhelming due to the opportunity to break them down and apply them to case scenarios in the daily group sessions. 

The perfect conclusion to the course was the subsequent internship at New Media Law LLP. It provided and opportunity to work closely with the lawyers that I met on the course. I got to work on some of their cases and complete practical tasks similar to those you would learn on the Legal Practical Course.

I really enjoyed the Diploma and Internship and I have already recommended it to some of my friends who are interested in Media Law.